What Type of Music is Popular in Vietnam?

There are many types of music from Asian cultures that can be listened to on the radio, on the internet, and even at clubs across America. As one would expect, the music styles in Vietnam are very different from those from the West. Many bands that have made it big in the music industry have come from countries that are much closer in proximity to Vietnam such as Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, and South Korea. A look through the internet will prove this fact. Some of the most famous and popular music groups and artists have come from these Asian nations.

When comparing music styles in Vietnam, there are two main categories that are common. These are traditional music and contemporary music. The first type refers to the old-style, rural and traditional music that many Vietnamese people listen to and enjoy. The contemporary music genres, which include jazz, pop, hip hop, and a few other more unique styles, are much more popular in Vietnam.

Another interesting thing to note about Vietnam is their love for dance. They perform dances and songs all the time during weddings, celebrations, and even during other events. In fact, some of the most famous and popular songs in history have been about dancing. It is said that some of the earliest music ever recorded existed thanks to the dances performed by the Vietnamese. Many of these dances are still performed today in Vietnamese culture and are enjoyed by everyone from children to older adults.

Another interesting aspect of Vietnamese music is the large number of genres that they have. This is due to their very diverse population, which means that different people from different regions of Vietnam will put their own twist on the same old songs or create entirely new ones. Some of the different types of music include:

Classical Music This type of music falls into the category of “old-style” when it comes to music. This is because many Vietnamese people grew up listening to it as kids. There are also many traditional classical pieces that are being borrowed and translated from Western music and made into Vietnamese forms. This includes the work of such composers as Thanh Nien, Phu Quai, and Hau Duc.

New Age Music Many of the newer generation of Vietnamese Americans have embraced this style of music. It is known for its use of synthesizers and other new-age instruments that are common among contemporary music. A much younger generation of Vietnamese Americans has gravitated toward this kind of music as it gives them a sense of pride and freedom. It can be hard to decipher exactly what is new about these types of music and how it has changed over the years but the main factor seems to be that it captures the spirit of the past while sounding new today.

Crossover Music This type of music can be hard to pin down exactly what it is. It seems to exist in two different areas as it is often blended with traditional forms of music. The first being traditional Cham; which uses the Chinese traditional chimes and strings in its creation. The second is modern-day Khmer, which borrows heavily from the Khmer culture but also features more instruments and sounds from western and Indian music. The most famous example of this is the music of Surgeon.

This was a quick overview of some of the more popular types of music that are enjoyed in Vietnam. These are by no means the only types or styles of music that are popular. Any changes or influences that are brought about by foreign cultures will quickly change the popular culture all over the country. As with anything else, if a style of music is popular in America it will most likely appeal to many of the young people in Vietnam as well. The trick is to keep an open mind and listen to all kinds of music.